[kwlug-disc] Direct Download link to tonight's meeting in Ogg FLAC

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Tue Mar 6 02:24:25 EST 2012

>I'm only hosting this link temporarily for the audio part if the video part actually got encoded properly and didnt die due to 

> battery 0% problems.  This audio could be attached to the video of the screen recording.  If anyone desires to do the 

> lifting the audio is there.  I will likely leave this link for a while but I guarantee a week.http://goo.gl/J0979

Why not start an account on archive.org and upload the audio there (with permission of the presenters, of course)? 

If we trust presenters to speak 
into the microphone then you could plug your recorder into the sound 
mixer. That could help improve sound quality. But sound quality does not sound bad on this recording at all. Your microphone really is good. 

I know everybody loves video, but personally I prefer audio-only recordings. That way I can listen while 
walking to work. Because I am of the MTV generation, I have the 
attention span of a hummingbird, and rarely devote the time to watch a 
two-hour screencast or talking-heads show. That's just my personal bias, though. 

- Paul 

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