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Fri Jul 27 09:01:01 EDT 2012

On 7/27/2012 1:33 AM, Colin K wrote:
> Fair call about the Green drives my storage system really doesn't
> serve files to hundreds of people just me so my needs were more
> focused on power consumption than speed but it would be nice if they
> were a bit perkier and freenas does have settings to increase their
> level of aliveness.  But I've got that all tuned down pretty far
> also.  Kind of stinks on the rare occasion that I do need it to be a
> bit more expedient but otherwise its fine.

Just remember Cedric's basic point - not all (few?) RAID controllers are 
in any way happy with disappearing (Green) drives. And, I expect, this 
has entirely and only to do with the firmware on the RAID card - it's 
not like a 'driver update' would ever 'just make everything happy.' 
(Firmware update, maybe.)

Fortunately for you, they work in your situation.

Clearly YMMV. Note to selves - before mass purchasing (Green) drives, do 
some research to make sure they'll work in your intended environment. Or 
before purchasing that RAID card, check for Green drive compatibility if 
their use is important to you. Or you could be very upset.

What I can't wrap my head around is - as far as I knew, the real wear on 
a drive is the stopping and starting. So going green is choosing up 
front to decrease the hard drive life span we're used to?

Then there are the Seagate Momentus 'FAST' XT Hybrid drives ...
(Which seem to be well regarded.)

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