[kwlug-disc] Running Ubuntu 1-4 in a VM on Windows

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Tue Jul 3 18:19:11 EDT 2012

Your best bet will be to bring it with you to the meeting Monday where 
there will be lots of bodies in close proximity, many of whom will be 
glad to help as they can.

Are you able to boot the DVD as a Live CD successfully? (Sometimes when 
video doesn't come up live it's because it hasn't guessed a very good 
resolution. You can change that via a boot option once you get to the 
menu screen where it asks you if you want to boot the live version.)

When you do get to the $ prompt, does running startx get you anywhere?

I get wanting to figure out how to do this / what's wrong and fixing it, 
but if you just want to get going with it in the mean time, you might 
download a pre-built vm. Be it from ubuntu.com or 
(For a vm / 2GB, 32-bit will serve you as well as 64-bit, and probably 
better. Especially if you then want to migrate it to a non-64-bit 
physical machine.)

The Ubuntu support mechanisms seem to be well attended, if that's useful 
- http://askubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/. I've no doubt that 
whatever it is you're experiencing, others will have too - the answer 
will be out there. Somewhere.

On 7/3/2012 10:31 AM, Michael Savage wrote:
> I have a Windows 7/64 Bit machine with 4G ram, 1G HDD. My virtual
> machine is VMWare
> I downloaded the 64 bit desk top version of Ubuntu.
> I created a VM called Ubuntu, and installed via the iso image I downloaded.
> (All of this was done graphically.) I set aside 2G RAM, and 50G HDD
> space for the VM.
> Now when I try to run the VM, the following happens. ...
> I get a message that ends with "Please wait for the graphical
> environment to launch."
> So I wait this is what happens.
> Starting AppArmor profiles.
> Skipping profile...
> Down to * checking Battery state -Which is ok.
> It hangs at:
> /etc/rc.local: ./run_upgrader.sh: not found
> It waits here for about a minute and then the screen goes blank and does
> nothing.
> I can login with my name and password and get $ prompt of Ubuntu, but I
> really would prefer to use the graphical environment to start.
> What is happening and how can it be corrected?
> TIA,
> Mike
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