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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Tue Jan 17 12:46:35 EST 2012

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> Well, we know that "The RIM Sky is falling" is also FUD. but that
> message should be responsibility of The CEOs.

Saunder's job is to attract and retain app developers. Anything he can say to that is important. He uses the lack-of-debt statement as part of a reassurance for developers and the subscriber numbers as the size of market developers can access. I'm not an app developer but I figure those are the key metrics they want to know.
> Yes, they'll approve some Android applications. No idea of their
> success rate both from the technical and business approval
> perspective.

I had heard that Android apps need repackaging and that not all apps will automatically be compatible. 

Since an important part of RIMs success has been security, I suspect that security is the big issue in the Android player. It seems that to allow Android apps on BB will be something of a compromise for RIM.

> I didn't see how they are approaching developers, what steps they are
> doing to make it easier "We are taking steps" doesn't give me much.

Maybe it was too much for the interview. It seemed somewhat informal.

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