[kwlug-disc] Any experience with vpsville.ca?

Cedric Puddy cedric at thinkers.org
Mon Jan 16 12:32:00 EST 2012

I've got virtual servers on Slicehost (aka Rackspace) as well, one of which has 1157 days uptime, and no interruptions that I've noticed that might have been due to host migrations, etc.

Slicehost has run Xen for years.  They clearly know their stuff, and I will be continuing to do business with them.

It's $20/mo to start, so not so cheap, and in the US, which given the ongoing weirdness in the privacy debate there will give some pause for concern.  Our customers either don't care either way, or want to ensure that their data is in Canada or a legal domain with high protections than Canada (e.g.: some European countries would be fine); as a result we don't run much more than a name server off of it.

We also work with prgrm.com, which we use for some management infrastructure stuff; no complaints there either, and the folks who run it are very open and straight-forward.  They seem to wear their business's heart on their blog, discussing the details of upcoming migrations, pros and cons of different data centres that they are putting equipment in and why, the nuts-n-bolts of issues that customers may or may not have noticed, etc.  I will also be continuing to do business with them.

They are definitely cheaper than Slicehost, run Xen, know their stuff, and are based in the US.

I also know people on iWeb, but haven't tried them myself.  Haven't heard anything bad about them, so I would bow to others direct experience.

	All the Best,


On 2012-01-14, at 10:33 PM, Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:

> I am trying to find a new VPS. My site is currently on a $5/50MB webhost, but I want to do more experiments and would like a full OS.
> So vpsville.ca has a hosting option at $10, they are in Toronto, but their reviews are inconsistent. Some glowing and some damning.
> Has anyone here had any experience with this company?
> All the best,
> Andrew
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