[kwlug-disc] Advice on Buying a Ubuntu-Friendly Computer

Ryan McGreal ryan at quandyfactory.com
Mon Jan 2 20:10:36 EST 2012

Hi All,

Thank you to everyone who kindly provided such helpful advice. I bought 
my new computer today - Intel i5-2500K processor, 4x4GB DDR3 RAM, nVidia 
GT430 1GB graphics card and an Asus P8H67-M motherboard with a 1TB hard 
drive. I bought it all from Summit Direct in Hamilton, which I highly 
recommend if you're in the area.

I installed Ubuntu 11.10 (painless as usual), and immediately installed 
gnome-session-fallback and the proprietary nVidia driver. So far, it all 
seems to be working great. Thanks to rsync and a timely backup, I'm 
currently restoring all my files from my old dead system.

Again, I appreciate all the useful feedback and look forward to more 
productive discussion on this list in the future.

Kind Regards,
Ryan McGreal

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