[kwlug-disc] April presentation needed

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sun Feb 26 13:50:13 EST 2012

I have not changed the website yet, but due to travel plans Raul will
not be able to do his GIMP presentation in April. (He and Julie are
shifting to May). This means we need an April presentation.

I heard rumours that Colin was interested in presenting something
related to music/audio editing. Is that a possibility?

Might Kiwi be interested in doing his private cloud presentation?

I thought Darcy had proposed something but I do not remember what it

Other people are welcome to propose presentations as well. They can be
short or long (shorter ones might be better, since we have had a big
stretch of full-length presentations recently). April is available, as
is anything June or later. 

- Paul

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