[kwlug-disc] Suggestions requested for high performance music players supporting large music libraries running on a Ubuntu 10.04 system.

Darryl O'Neill ldoneill at golden.net
Sat Feb 25 17:28:41 EST 2012

I have the same problem but at only 17000 tracks.  Haven't found a Linux 
Music player that handles it well.
I am using foobar (windows program) but I have not tried to get it 
working under wine yet.
It comes up almost immediately then scans for updates in the 
background.   It has excellent searching capability,
allows for programmable plugins and extensions.  Multiple people are 
using it on different machines to access music on
my DLink DNS-323 NAS. 

The NAS also has an ITunes/UPnP media servers but I have not found 
anything that works well with them.  Amarok gives permission problems 
for me.


Dan's Newsletters wrote:
>  Hi
> I am requesting a recommendations for a Music player that will support 
> a large amount of files.
> Currently I am using Rhythmbox and I really like it however I am 
> having a problem with it.
> Rhythmbox wants to scan all the files music files every time Rhythmbox 
> is started up.
> As a result it can take literally hours for it to scan all the music 
> files,  I have over 25000 music files.
> I store my music the flac file format so they sound high quality.
> I am using a attached storage pogoplug with a USB drive connected to it.
> I tried connecting the USB drive to the computer to see if the network 
> was the bottleneck. I found no
> noticeable increase in speed, so the Pogoplug is not the problem.
> I have looked on line and all the forums say this is a common caveat 
> for Rhythm box.
> I've tried Amarok but it seems rather sluggish in performance.   I am 
> using an old 1.6Ghz IBM thinkpad laptop
> for my media player connected to my stereo.
> If someone in the list has a setup in Linux that works well can you 
> let me know what you've done?
> I could install windows and use winamp, but I really dislike the user 
> interface for winamp and I despise Windows.
> To date the loading of my CD's on the system seems to be a 
> disappointment due to the file scan / performance issues.
> It's still faster to find the CD and put in the CD player than waiting 
> for the software to do it's thing so I can play a song off
> my network storage drive.
> Any suggestions are truly appreciated.
> Dan Hergott
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