[kwlug-disc] Suggestions requested for high performance music players supporting large music libraries running on a Ubuntu 10.04 system.

Dan's Newsletters 143news at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 15:50:34 EST 2012


I am requesting a recommendations for a Music player that will support a 
large amount of files.
Currently I am using Rhythmbox and I really like it however I am having 
a problem with it.
Rhythmbox wants to scan all the files music files every time Rhythmbox 
is started up.
As a result it can take literally hours for it to scan all the music 
files,  I have over 25000 music files.
I store my music the flac file format so they sound high quality.

I am using a attached storage pogoplug with a USB drive connected to it.
I tried connecting the USB drive to the computer to see if the network 
was the bottleneck. I found no
noticeable increase in speed, so the Pogoplug is not the problem.

I have looked on line and all the forums say this is a common caveat for 
Rhythm box.

I've tried Amarok but it seems rather sluggish in performance.   I am 
using an old 1.6Ghz IBM thinkpad laptop
for my media player connected to my stereo.

If someone in the list has a setup in Linux that works well can you let 
me know what you've done?
I could install windows and use winamp, but I really dislike the user 
interface for winamp and I despise Windows.

To date the loading of my CD's on the system seems to be a 
disappointment due to the file scan / performance issues.
It's still faster to find the CD and put in the CD player than waiting 
for the software to do it's thing so I can play a song off
my network storage drive.

Any suggestions are truly appreciated.

Dan Hergott

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