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I am not sure about something already written for this but LVS,
http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/, would probably fit half the bill. LVS
lives in the kernel space and does all the forwarding. It basis it's
decisions on where to send connections on scoring.

That is you pool with servers in it.
Each server has a score. 0 means never send traffic to that server. A large
number means more traffic is sent to that box.
Traffic is forwards to servers in the pool based on the relative scores.

The other half of this is a health checking mechanism that monitors the
servers in a pool and adjust their scores based on what it sees. I have
used "ldirectord" but that set scores based if the server is up or not. You
could write a similar monitoring script that inserts the load balancer
rules and then updates their scoring based on whatever you want. all the
interaction with the kernel space happens through the ipvsadm command.

Good luck.


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> I need a load balancer that can react to queries from a sqlite database.
>  It basically needs to check a sql database for server capacity levels and
> if the capacity gets close to being reached send players to another server.
> Then it also needs to react to people wanting to directly move from target
> point to target point.
> is there something that could do this?
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