[kwlug-disc] Cabling for video

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Tue Sep 27 16:51:54 EDT 2011

Is it the manufacturer of the projector who is saying to use their 
cabling products?  Or the manufacturer of the HDMI-to-Cat5 converter? 
What make/model of projector is it?  Make/Model of the Monitors? What is 
the source for the feed? URLs?


On 11-09-27 01:54 AM, Michael Savage wrote:
> We (church) are bringing in projectors, screens etc. (We already have 
> sound.) We want to run the signal over ethernet cable. We have about 
> 1000ft of Cat 6 courtesy of Cedric. (Don't worry, I have other uses 
> planned for it.)
> Anyways the manufacturer has stated the following: If you do not use 
> our cable products, you will not get any support. When asked if we 
> could test our plan with their devices, they said go ahead, but if you 
> have problems we will not take them back. (ie we damaged them.)
> This is the manufacturer's spec for cable.
> Kramer's BC−DGKat7a23 is a shielded twisted pair (STP) cable designed 
> as the ideal companion to Kramer's twisted pair digital 
> transmitter−receiver sets to provide optimum range and performance. 
> The cable is optimized for the new 10GBASE−T applications as defined 
> in IEEE 802.3an and for PoE+.
> I have a few questions:
> 1. This cable is shielded. The longest runs we are talking about are 
> going to video monitors up to 150ft. (The projector runs will be less 
> than 50'.)
> 2. This cable requires soldering the shields to the metal outside of a 
> special RJ45 connector.
> Needless to say, this cable and its connectors are expensive. My 
> baloney detector is going strong right now. To me the additional cost 
> of this specialty cable far out-ways the benefits.
> I believe we will bite the bullet on this one, as we cannot live 
> without the warranty. But just for my sanity, what do people think?
> I feel that it is a lot to do about nothing.
> Mike
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