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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
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This question is probably  best posed to the KWatzlab group.

In my less-than-expert opinion my guess is that they are concerned about 
stray voltage, perhaps from static electricity or induction.

You'll also probably find that shielded cable is harder to run (stiffer).

Are the video converters much more expensive than the cable? Otherwise the 
cost savings could justify the lack of warranty.

you could consider running component video, it can handle a run like that 
without special equipment but I doubt it would be easy for VGA signals, but 
it is well suited for HD video.

There are also extenders for HDMI that are cheap ($90), use CAT 5e (or 6) 
and can carry DVI from a video card.

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We (church) are bringing in projectors, screens etc. (We already have
sound.) We want to run the signal over ethernet cable. We have about
1000ft of Cat 6 courtesy of Cedric. (Don't worry, I have other uses
planned for it.)

Anyways the manufacturer has stated the following: If you do not use our
cable products, you will not get any support. When asked if we could
test our plan with their devices, they said go ahead, but if you have
problems we will not take them back. (ie we damaged them.)

This is the manufacturer's spec for cable.
Kramer's BC−DGKat7a23 is a shielded twisted pair (STP) cable designed as
the ideal companion to Kramer's twisted pair digital
transmitter−receiver sets to provide optimum range and performance. The
cable is optimized for the new 10GBASE−T applications as defined in IEEE
802.3an and for PoE+.

I have a few questions:
1. This cable is shielded. The longest runs we are talking about are
going to video monitors up to 150ft. (The projector runs will be less
than 50'.)
2. This cable requires soldering the shields to the metal outside of a
special RJ45 connector.

Needless to say, this cable and its connectors are expensive. My baloney
detector is going strong right now. To me the additional cost of this
specialty cable far out-ways the benefits.

I believe we will bite the bullet on this one, as we cannot live without
the warranty. But just for my sanity, what do people think?

I feel that it is a lot to do about nothing.

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