[kwlug-disc] WIND is in K-W? [Was: Re: Windows 8 OEM specs mayblock Linux booting]

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Thu Sep 22 04:27:55 EDT 2011

On 2011-09-22 00:46, Colin K wrote:
> from what i understand about the running on different wireless 
> frequency is that wind is 4g where the rest of our providers are only 
> now adapting 3g in most places.

Apologies for pedantry and any mistakes - corrections/clarifications are 

As suggested above, 4g cellular services may have required the push to 
different 'frequencies'. This is the same thing that pushed analog TV 
out from the lower VHF frequencies, 210 MHz for CKCO, to the UHF 
frequencies so as to provide the capability for digital TV. The higher 
frequencies have more capacity to carry more information, e.g. Hi-Def 
TV. (ref: Shannon & Nyquist).

For cellular, the transport of voice and SMS data morphed over the tears 
to include data plans and now 'mobile broadband' and full motion TV. 
These changes pushed cellular carriers from 700/800/900 MHz (1G?) to 2.5 
MHz (4G).

 From Wikipedia under 4G: "New generations have appeared about every ten 
years since the first move from 1981 analog (1G) to digital (2G) 
transmission in 1992. This was followed, in 2001, by 3G multi-media 
support, spread spectrum </wiki/Spread_spectrum> transmission and at 
least 200 kbit/s, in 2011 expected to be followed by 4G, which refers to 
all-IP </wiki/Internet_Protocol> packet-switched 
</wiki/Packet_switching> networks, mobile ultra-broadband (gigabit 
speed) access and multi-carrier </wiki/Multi-carrier> transmission.^/"/


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