[kwlug-disc] Backing up DVDs in Canada

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Sep 16 17:04:29 EDT 2011

Is this covering all aspects thrown by so far - software, audio, and 
video? [Not touching 'is DVD, software' either, but I believe that got 
debunked, at least in U.S. I also believe it got broken down - some 
bits of a DVD are software (macromedia?), and others are not.]

Russell McOrmond wrote, On 09/16/2011 4:43 PM:
> Note that this commercial gain language is aimed at the education
> institutional exceptions, not the general fair dealings...which in any case
> doesn't cover backups.
> This is yet another way where the USA's weaker Copyright exempts things
> which shouldn't be regulated by Copyright.

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