[kwlug-disc] Backing up DVDs in Canada

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I don't actually know *for sure*, which (for one as interested in copyright as I seems sad), however,
my understanding is that it's not legal.

For some reason that I cannot articulate, my understanding is that the "private copying" bit is scoped to audio recordings, and does not apply to motion pictures, paintings, etc.

Definitely under the proposed new copyright legislation it would not be legal, on the grounds that all the new "rights" being proposed are only available if (a) the copyright holder chooses to give them to you and (b) you do not have to break a digital lock in order to exercise that right.

Since DVD's are technically protected by a digital lock (even though that lock is a sturdy as a fine sheet of tissue paper), my understanding is that the TPM aspect would make it illegal no matter what.

Also the new bill is almost certain to pass more-or-less in it's current state in this sitting of parliament, so it's highly relevant to the discussion.  

I've been following the discussion on the bill here: http://openparliament.ca/bills/40-3/C-32/  (you'll note how the issues that concern tech people the most get almost zero airtime).

Note that we have a new sitting of Parliament, and the copyright bill has not been re-introduced yet, but I'm sure it'll be back on the list shortly: http://openparliament.ca/bills/


On 2011-09-16, at 11:23 AM, Paul Nijjar wrote:

> What is the legal state of backing up one's DVDs in Canada?
> What is the legal state of ripping one's DVDs to an XBMC box?
> I am interested in what the law thinks, not what we believe should be
> the law. 
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