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Hi John, everyone,

I do agree that our waitress at Zekes was excellent. she always remembered that i ordered tea. She may be the main reason why the place is still in business. Having never noticed a person in there that I could identify as an owner or manager, I have to wonder about how they do manage the business. 

But to say to a group of people that come in on a monthly basis, that they can't order in pizza (since the cooks went home) identifies Zekes as a place that must be able to make money despite itself --- and we are loyal to this place because???



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> Hi
> Firkin's is a much better choice. Better food, better prices. More
> selection for beer and food. Table configuration is better too.

I agree (not sure about the prices though) and it seems closer for those on foot. We should give them a head's up a day or two in advance so that they are staffed properly though.
> My 2 cents worth.
> Thanks Zekes but you know, I am not really too sure that you cared
> that we have been coming there once a month for years. The waitress
> should be running the place.

Last night you mentioned that any place frequented so reliably should offer some form of thanks even if it's bowls of pretzels or perhaps a special. I think that's a great idea, but I've only seen one other place do that, Morty's Pub. I can't get upset over it since I never expected it and it's not commonplace.

I'll miss our Zeke's waitress who often had my beer being poured before I ordered.

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