[kwlug-disc] I'm looking to host a high ram server in a fast connection area.

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Sun Oct 30 10:03:14 EDT 2011

This is a somewhat inexperienced opinion so take it as it is.

Colo is a great idea if you need something monolithic that can't be 
clustered or load balanced or requires some special hardware. I can tell you 
that I would colo that box for more than what Amazon AWS might be.

You don't say how much memory you need or whose VPS service you're using so 
excuse me if I talk about something inappropriate.

You can get a 15GB server from Amazon cheaper than colo and likely the data 
transfer would be cheaper too. The downside is that the server won't have 
any of the typical redundancies most like to see in a server (no 2nd PS or 
RAID). To reduce costs you may also find that it becomes a little more 
complicated that you may like, since you may use S3 for static content and 
snapshots; and use EBS for persistent storage if your up time or RPO 
requires it.

Keep in mind that a base cost for colo is the cost for electricity your 
server requires times 2.5 or more (to account for A/C). So for a 200W server 
the electricity costs may be about $30/month. Then add in other overheads 
and a profit margin and bandwidth. Then keep in mind you need a remote 
access solution or you'll have to hop in the car to perform things needing 
the console or power reset. I'd be surprised if you find a colo that would 
do it for less than $100/month which is about what a VPS costs.

If your circumstances still work better with colo try me or CCJ clearline or 
Packetworks. We can offer colo service that may not compare in subtleties 
with the Waterloo Data Fortress but it will likely be enough and will be 
less expensive.


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Subject: [kwlug-disc] I'm looking to host a high ram server in a fast 
connection area.

This is a bit off topic but i want to run my ubuntu based Minecraft server 
from a place with a good upload and residential just doesnt cut it.

Does anyone have any advice?  I'm currently paying way too much a month for 
a VPS when I own some hardware that I could easily use instead in possibly a 
COLO style environment.
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