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Bill Ubuntu (Gnome) uses their own crafted Ubuntu Software Centre. They're even using it now to deliver proprietary software.

- Charles
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Thanks very much for letting us know Kiwi / keeping us abreast of your 
success. Good to hear the displays are working better for you.

In Kubuntu, synaptic is not installed by default, in favour of 
kpackagekit. Don't know what the Gnome side does. (Khalid has given 
you the command line way.) If you do not currently have synaptic 
installed, it may be worth your while to do so - many similar 
instructions assume you have synaptic installed. Just remember that 
there is synaptic the package manager, and synaptic touchpad drivers - 
so you need to have an eye to keep them straight.

Something else that may help you is the gdebi package (iirc) 
[Graphical .deb handler.] Not infrequently, and I suspect the same 
will be true of sun, a .deb is downloadable (much like a .rpm for 
Fedora based distros). With gdebi installed, the package will just get 
(graphically) installed automagically, all but hands free. Perhaps 
useful to you.

Kiwi Ssennyonjo wrote, On 10/26/2011 8:13 PM:
> I am liking using Ubuntu very much; given that I have been using OSX
> for years now.
> I simply could not stand using windows on the company assigned laptop.
> It kept crashing.
> I am trying to use Ubuntu exclusively. I have hit a snag, once again.
> I need to install the most latest java.
> Webex is not playing nice; actually it is not working. I need webex
> for the job. If I can conquer that I will be free of my vm of windows
> 7.
> My previous issue of the displays has been improved. I updated to
> 11.10 and when un-docking I reverts back to the default profile of
> just using the laptop screen. When docking, as long as I setup a dual
> monitor profile it uses that.
> -Kiwi
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