[kwlug-disc] Still very new - Ubuntu 11.10 -- java

Kiwi Ssennyonjo kiwi at ssenn.com
Wed Oct 26 20:13:56 EDT 2011

I am liking using Ubuntu very much; given that I have been using OSX
for years now.
I simply could not stand using windows on the company assigned laptop.
It kept crashing.

I am trying to use Ubuntu exclusively. I have hit a snag, once again.
I need to install the most latest java.
Webex is not playing nice; actually it is not working. I need webex
for the job. If I can conquer that I will be free of my vm of windows

My previous issue of the displays has been improved. I updated to
11.10 and when un-docking I reverts back to the default profile of
just using the laptop screen. When docking, as long as I setup a dual
monitor profile it uses that.


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