[kwlug-disc] Ubuntu 11.10

txwikinger txwikinger at ubuntu.com
Sat Oct 22 16:28:43 EDT 2011

On 11-10-16 11:30 PM, Gary Walsh wrote:
> I know that I can install multiple desktop environments. I have been 
> using Linux for 15 years. My comments were about the live CD which is 
> the version that anybody new to Ubuntu is likely to be seeing. I am 
> not surprised that people like Linus and Eric Raymond have not been 
> happy with Unity. Since I am a KDE 4.x user, I will check out Kubuntu 
> which I have already downloaded. However, it seems unlikely that I 
> will be persuaded to switch from Mageia, which works well and has a 
> strong development community behind it.
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So why don't you just use what works for you? Those mails A sucks and B 
sucks are really getting old. There is nothing wrong with constructive 
critic in the right forum. Otherwise these flame wars just take up far 
too much space. (No wonders I rarely read mailing lists).

I am very happy that you like Mageia and that it works for you. Have fun 
with it!


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