[kwlug-disc] Begging for presentation offers

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Nov 11 14:23:46 EST 2011

Now, if we said "OTA in a Linux environment" ...
(Or 'Linux' cable TV replacements for Roger's Cable / Satellite via 
the Internet ...)

THAT, you couldn't keep me away from.

- just as the ecosystem for Asterisk is much greater than just the 
software itself (per John's presentations), the same will be true 
here. Software (application use), once you know which is in favour, is 
'easy'. The ecosystem surrounding such, not so much.

Andrew Kohlsmith (mailing lists account) wrote, On 11/11/2011 2:02 PM:
> On Thu, Nov 10 06:26:08 PM Paul Nijjar wrote:
>> We are running perilously short of presentation ideas, so Tim kindly
>> collected some suggestions from the audience. Would any of you
>> wonderful people be willing to give a talk on any of the topics below?
>> Photo editing in gimp
>> Ip V4 protocol (given by Tim?)
>> IP V6 protocol
>> Openstack
>> Gnome3 & unity (ed: faceoff or deathmatch)
>> Setting up Ldap to manage accounts (managing multiple machines on a
>> network in a centralized way)
>> Samba 4
>> Puppet, chef, cfengine
>> Squid
>> Bochs
>> Popcorn
> What is amazing to me is that I consider myself fluent in most things Linux, 
> but I would not be able to give a discussion on any of these in any kind of 
> useful manner.
> This is ... both humbling and eye-opening.

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