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Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Sun May 15 11:36:22 EDT 2011

2011/5/14 John Johnson <jvj at golden.net>:

> Moreover, with a new install of Ubunbtu 11.04 I am getting errors w/gedit
> (again out-of -the-box).
> It appears that gedit is trying to update a history file or file(s) and that
> this operation is failing due to permissions.

By the way, the permissions thing is because once you used gedit as root it created the file as root. 

Logged in as your self just execute the following in your home folder

ls -la | grep root

With that you'll see the files that belong to root. Most likely you don't want them belonging to root.

You can either delete the files or change ownership (chown) to yourself. as the files belong to root, you will need to do it with sudo

e.g. if your ID is johnjohn

sudo chown johnjohn:johnjohn <filename>

Although I've never seen gedit create a history file. Maybe it's the .bash_history?

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