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Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
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In the past I've used Geany. Mostly for C and Bash.

In Linux Vi or Emacs may be what you are looking for, but you'll need to go through the learning curve.

They are highly configurable, so what you get out of the box is usually a small fraction of what you can get out of them. Properly configured they don't just provide syntax highlighting but things like code refactoring or integration with other tools. (static code analysis, compilers, source control, etc).

As you may know, trying to get advise on which one to choose is akin to kicking a a hornet nest. In the end is a matter of preference.

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OK. I suspect that this may
start a flame war but that is not my intent.

Over the past while and on Win* I have learned to use Notepad++ with
its out-of-the-box colour syntax highlighting for most source code
formats, e.g. C, C#, Java, PHP, HTML & CSS.
As far as I can tell, this feature on gedit available on Ubuntu/Linux
is a bit weak "out-of-box".

Moreover, with a new install of Ubunbtu 11.04 I am getting errors
w/gedit (again out-of -the-box).
It appears that gedit is trying to update a history file or file(s) and
that this operation is failing due to permissions.
(n.b. As I am not logged in as 'root' or 'superuser' I have been using:
sudo to launch gedit.)

And here it goes:
Can the list recommend a good source code editor for Linux/Ubuntu?
- similar to Notepad++ 
- colour syntax highlighting for most source code
- colour highlighting for nested parentheses
- colour highlighting for different styles of parentheses
- etc
- and that does not require tweaking of ini or similar files

I know of: nano vi vim gedit but am not fluent with any of these tools.
Vim is ok but (IMO) remains clunky .

By mistake, the other day I typed "vi" and, for a minute, thought I was
back in the 1980s.

Tx: JohnJ 

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