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From: Jason Locklin <locklin.jason at gmail.com>
>Sorry for the somewhat off-topic rant, but I just can't believe how much
>of a hassle this has been and I thought the VOIP people here might be
>interested in how difficult the city is making VOIP for some residents.

One important consideration is that VoIP only works if there is electricity. If a fire starts because an electric fault, you may end up without a phone. 

The Bell system (POTS) does not have that problem.

Given those circumstances, ensure that you have a functioning UPS dedicated to Internet and VoIP. Nothing else connected so the charge can last in case of an outage. lso ensure you check the battery capacity at least once a year.

It may be that someone very smart found that changing the setting to pulse to avoid people making the wrong decision and regretting it later. This is a case where "buyers beware" may be too risky.

Another factor is that the internet connection is less reliable than the POTS. Are there any other such issues with VoIP? 

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