[kwlug-disc] VERY OT: AA Battery Load Testing?

Glenn Henshaw thraxisp4 at mac.com
Sun May 1 14:08:06 EDT 2011

  Cameras need to be designed to use NiMH batteries. As I recall the battery voltage is only about 1.2V, rather than the 1.5V from an alkaline battery. There are some rechargeable alkaline batteries around.
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> Deep apologies for the very off-topic post, but I'm guessing there are some Linux using picture takers in K-W ...
> Trying to power up a digital camera.
> First 3 sets of 4 AA's I put in (NiMh), it whined, saying 'Change Batteries' and turned off.
> I'm not surprised, but I don't believe all 4 in each set need replacing.
> Of course, the DVM shows all good voltages - not that that matters, it's how much juice is left to suck up in a burst that matters.
> What's useful for testing, and where do you get it locally? I assume load testing, but I'm far into speculation, not knowledge, at this point.
> I'd like to easily figure out which particular batteries are the no longer useful ones. How?
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