[kwlug-disc] (Not Quite) Floss Fund Nominee.

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Sat Jul 30 23:27:01 EDT 2011

Fair enough I'm sure I can come up with a good one I had a good one
yesterday too... it will come to me.
On Jul 30, 2011 11:25 PM, "Paul Nijjar" <paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 10:24:43PM -0400, Colin K wrote:
>> Seems interesting enough. Bring computers not brainwashing. Anyways
>> talk it out its my first nomination of any sort for this and its not
>> a Floss one exactly but we've discussed over recent times that it
>> seems our Lug seems to be evolving slightly.
>> http://ihackcharities.org/
> Boy. People are not making the nominations easy these days, are they?
> I'm really excited that you are making a first-time nomination, and we
> currently only have one nomination in the queue (with three more
> nomination write-ups promised). And you are right that we have been
> having discussions about what kind of organizations are suitable for
> the FLOSS Fund.
> But taking a quick look at this website it doesn't
> look like they are that into FLOSS for their projects. If you look at
> http://www.hackersforcharity.org/computer-training-center/
> then you see they are offering mostly proprietary certifications for
> their courses.
> Looking at our past nominations here: http://kwlug.org/node/459
> it looks like our nominees have all had something related to open
> source -- either people working with FLOSS in some way, or donations
> to political organizations working to protect the interests of FLOSS
> legally. I am not sure we want to stray too far from that.
> Given this, my vote would be that this group should not be a FLOSS
> Fund nomination. But that is not a final judgement, and it would be
> good to hear what others (including members of the shadowy
> Cabal) think.
> That is not to say that the Hackers for Charity charity is not a
> worthy cause, or that people in general shouldn't donate to it.
> In the meantime you could make an easier nomination! We could really
> use some more nominations!
> - Paul
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