[kwlug-disc] Drupal issue my Google-Fu is not strong enough to answer apparently

R. Brent Clements rbclemen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 17:43:41 EDT 2011

Just installed Drupal 7.4 on a virtually fresh Ubuntu 11.4 install.
The installation went relatively smoothly and I ended up on the
default page logged in as the administration user as I would expect,
but every link I click sends me to a completely blank page (WSOD
apparently) UNTIL I go into the address bar and add index.php manually
into the page address.  But I have to do this for every click.  Is
there something I should be doing to the Drupal or Apache
configuration to make this work?  I have not made any changes to the
modules on drupal yet.  All help I found for this points to specific
modules causing the problem, but I haven't added or even enabled any


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