[kwlug-disc] CSS: varying colours based on inheritance

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Wed Jul 6 21:45:16 EDT 2011

Right. That is what I would consider setting colours individually at each level. 

I can set opacity at different levels: 

ul { color: #00ff00; }

ul ul {  
 filter:alpha(opacity=80); /* ie */
 opacity:0.8;  /* CSS3 */

ul ul ul {
 filter:alpha(opacity=60); /* ie */
 opacity:0.6;  /* CSS3 */

But I don't know how to set colours programmatically, and I do not know how to 
make this nest to arbitary depth without stating levels explicitly.

It turns out that trying to do this programatically might be a bad idea because 
I need more contrast from ul to ul. It still seems weird that CSS can't do this. 
(That last sentence has never been uttered in the history of the Internet. 

- Paul  

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