[kwlug-disc] UBB comes to Teksavvy

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Mon Jan 31 08:13:48 EST 2011

My webserver is hosted at 151 Front street in Toronto so I've seen the 
diagram of that building.  There's something like 30 distinct fibre 
lines coming in there, and everyone who's anyone is in there, Bell, 
telus, Google, etc etc etc.  Not only are they in downtown Toronto, but 
they're also right on the railway line.

Back on topic - I just got that email from Tekksavvy as well.  
Particularly disturbing because I've been tinkering with the idea of 
putting together a mythtv box and weaning ourselves off cable for 
netflix.  Looks like I won't be doing that any time soon now.

The offensive part for me isn't the charges.  The offensive part is the 
gov't dictating that I pay money a set amount of money to a 
corporation.  The gov't doesn't need to be legislating corporation profits.

I was surprised at the amount of bandwidth we use.  Used to be single 
digit G's a couple years ago.  Teksavvy indicated I'm burning almost 80g 
a month....and I don't do any downloads.  I connected 2 and 2, my 
daughter watches the occassional TV program, my son watches a lot of 
youtube.  Still, I'm very surprised at the amount of bandwidth we're 
burning. But while that's good to know, I shouldn't be forced to be 
concerned about this.


> BTW: For fun Google "151 Front Street Toronto carrier hotel" for a 
> look at infrastructure near the CN Tower communications centre.
> Regards: JohnJ
> PS: My apologies if this post is doubled. I did not see my copy come 
> back to me so I am trying again.
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