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> This is, in my opinion, the root of the problem. The free market would solve this problem. If a service is to expensive, find an affordable alternative. The CRTC, which is controlled by a board of which 80% of the members are former employees of either Rogers or Bell, has eliminated viable competitors on their behalf. 

Yep - if we had some viable choice, pricing might be different.  It seems to me that there are two ways of doing business.
1 - You win customers with a superior product with a better price
2 - You use strong arm tactics and eliminate your competition.  This way you can charge what you want, and never really have to worry about offering better service in a timely manner.
Yes, the internet (in our area) has been slowly improving, but if you compare our system to Europe then you see what we have is not so great.  Some might argue that the population density in Europe is a factor, and I would concede that point, but come on - look at Toronto: If I understand things correctly, the service there from Bell is not so great - nothing compared to what you get in Europe price or performance wise - yet there is some pretty good population density.  OTOH, I hear Telus is installing some real fibre optic stuff in new subdivisions so that might be a bit of a prompt for Bell to do something competitive.  Long story short, Bell operates on business practice #2 from above, and the only thing to change it is some real competition, unhindered by red tape. 		 	   		  
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