[kwlug-disc] KWLUG turning 10?

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Jan 22 17:28:50 EST 2011

On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 02:03:42PM -0800, Raul Suarez wrote:

> I joined around 2004 and it already felt like a well established
> institution!

I certainly did not intend to make anybody feel insecure or unwelcome
because I did not know them for 10 years. All of our KWLUG members are
valuable and welcome. It is just weird that I have known a few of you
for (almost) 10 years, and our eyesight has degenerated together. 

As for parties: we have a social night in June scheduled already. If
people want some special celebration in September or October we could
move the June meeting or party ourselves out by having two social
nights close together. 

- Paul

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