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Because not everyone wants to go thru the trouble, downtime, and risk of an upgrade. Apparently there are still very important functions of our financial infrastructure that are running the exact same code since the MS-DOS era.  Because it works. Microsoft's required updates screwed over UW a couple of years ago because their licence demanded update which broke some lab software. Mandriva is providing an opt-in-to-opt-out path for those people

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Mandriva 2010.2 Powerpack seems to have been released today for all you 
Mandriva fans (I think that's pretty much just me these days).

I noticed that Mandriva has a maintenance option:

Does that not seem odd?  Why would I subscribe to get continued updates 
on a previous version instead of subscribing to current versions. It's 
not like MS where new versions are  a new OS, the different versions on 
Mandriva are pretty much seamless transitions.

Perhaps I'm missing something obvious as to why that would make sense to do.

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