[kwlug-disc] enterprise management software?

William Park opengeometry at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 21 01:48:46 EST 2011

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 05:02:01PM -0500, Joe Wennechuk wrote:
> We are looking at changing our technology stack at work we need a tool
> that will integrate, and manage almost everything. We buy, sell and
> refurbish used heavy equipment and machinery we are looking at
> http://www.tradepoint360.com/v3-whats-new.aspx this week. Does anyone
> know anything about this? What are some other solutions? Is there a
> open source TOTAL (Marketing, Sales, Inventory, etc...) solution
> similar to this?

I don't think "open source" matters much here.  You're going to pay for
coding, support, and customization anyways, either to your own
programmers or to vendor.  What's important, you or vendor has to
understand your business.

1.  My first advice is to look at your existing accounting package.  I
    mean, various control-accounts and sub-accounts can be used for
    inventory, WIP, sales, customers.  Running a report on Sales account
    will give you "sales report".

2.  Don't knock age-old filesystem.  Moving files or directory from here
    to there is often a good model of how real goods move through
    process.  Also, "file" gives you "paper trail" which you can verify
    and audit, for free.

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