[kwlug-disc] Where to get older parts like a motherboard?

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Sat Jan 8 08:51:23 EST 2011

Don at ewaste management would have lots of options.  

We also have a half dozen or so systems ready to go out for recycling. 

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Sadly, my Pentium D motherboard died Christmas Day.

It seems worthwhile to try to replace it as replacing the MB, CPU, memory
would be something like ~$300. The computers I have seem sufficient
powerful / speed / capability wise. And sandy bridge is coming -
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_bridge. I already can't keep up with
processor news.

LGA775 / Pentium D / DDR2 appears sufficiently old that places like Canada
Computer no longer sell anything other than small form factor boards that
I've not yet accepted the need to scale down to. Yet it's still too new
for reasonable prices at places like Factory Direct. I've also tried
Horizon on Frederick, to no avail. kitchener.kijiji prices are ridiculous
for the systems on offer. Computer Recycling systems are almost always
even older hardware than this.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I might go about replacing this
motherboard. (The motherboard is confirmed dead - swapping memory and/or
CPU leaves the problem at the motherboard. And this discovered the day
after I bought a replacement power supply and new video card for Myth.)

Also, I'm seeing 5 in 3 bays on the web (5 3.5" bays in 3 5.25" case
slots). Seems to me the drives are packed in pretty tightly, and heat may
be a problem, even with the built in fan. Anyone have any experience with

  As I schlep good / bad drives back and forth trying to get back what I
can from a hard disk (more likely file system) failure, it'd sure be
nice to not have to recable these sata drives every time.

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