[kwlug-disc] ls -a, huh?

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Sat Jan 1 16:37:09 EST 2011

Hi Glenn,

Ls hangs in my experience are because of one of two things. First a 
directory with lots of files could appear to hang because it has to collect 
all the file names and sort them before displaying.

The other reason has been disk ore file system errors. The file system 
problem happened mostly to SCO Unix.

Try this command:

find . -maxdepth 1 | less

And see what happens. Since find doesn't sort it should return immediately.

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I just had some problems with my desktop(bad update) and ended up
reinstalling linux on my HD.  In the process, I left my home directory
unformatted, so after the install I actually hadn't lost anything - all
my data was there.

However, now when I issue the command "ls -a" in my home directory, the
command just sits there. I actually have to close the terminal window,
ctrl-C does nothing.

'ls' works fine in my home directory.  And 'ls -a' works fine in other
directories other than my home directory.  So it's just the 'a'
attribute, and just in my home directory.

Any grand ideas what I should do other than get used to not using -a?


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