[kwlug-disc] [OT] Diagnosing voip and Tomato

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Thu Feb 24 20:31:38 EST 2011

I will venture an opinion about the nature of the traffic. Most (if not 
all) residential services, and perhaps SOHO services, whether cable or 
DSL are asymmetrical meaning the download throughput is higher, much 
higher, than that upload/upstream traffic. VoIP, on the, other hand 
requires a symmetrical service for its slice of the throughput pie. The 
downstream YouTube video traffic is competing in the downstream 'pipe' 
for its slice of the pie with the VoIP traffic. Or vice versa.

A month or two ago, I think John Van O, or perhaps someone else 
described how a greedy bandwidth consumer, like maybe YouTube, will grab 
the whole through pie leaving very little bandwidth for other consumers.

I don't know what to suggest except to ask who is experiencing the 
'choppy' voice traffic. It seems from the YouTube 'solution' that the 
problem in the downstream side.
IMHO The problem is in the 'pipe' and not your equipment.

I do not know if there are different grades of service available to SOHO 
and residential users.


On 2011-02-24 19:52, Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
> Sorry for the mildly off topic but there's so many voip experts here.
> I'm trying to increase my call quality.  Whenever I'm on a business 
> call and it gets choppy, my current solution is to holler 'GET OFF 
> YOUTUBE' to the kids.  It's a cheap and reliable solution but I'm 
> looking for a less intrusive alternative.  I've just changed voip 
> server hardware, but that's not resolved it, still gets choppy if 
> downloading something.
> What's the next step?  I've got a QOS router but the internet says it 
> only fixes upstream traffic, not downstream.  Seems odd to me, but 
> sure.  If I went with the old standby linksys and installed tomato on 
> it, would that likely be the reasonable next step in fixing the choppy 
> voip?
> The only other thing I've got in the mix is a dell switch that 
> connects all my various ethernet ports, but it's all 10/100 and 
> commercial quality, so I can't see how that would be the problem.
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