[kwlug-disc] Asterisk: SIP vs IAX

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 19:57:58 EST 2011

I've already expressed how happy I am with Voip.ms functionality.

Reporting back on quality: Neither I, or the people on the other side of the 
phone, have noticed any difference compared to my other phone lines.

No echo, No noticeable delay, No sound artifacts.
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> I'll check voip.ms when I get home. It is blacklisted at the office
> "voip telephony". I guess they should have a different domain for
> their web site than their SIP URL :)

It sounds as if voip.ms might be a good solution for you, but I have
heard from some good secondhand sources (who are on the list but
rarely post) that voice quality can be an issue. 

Unlimitel is much more expensive (although still cheap as compared to
POTS) and our experiences with voice quality have been good. 

Other people may have different opinions. 

- Paul

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