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B. S. unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Feb 18 01:37:19 EST 2011

On Thu, 17 Feb 2011 23:44:27 -0500, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at sobac.com>
>> The LibreOffice project (nee OpenOffice) is looking for 50,000 euros 
>> (or about 2 billion in Canadian dollars)
> Erm, no it isn't:
> http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi?Amount=50000&From=EUR&To=CAD
> Folks might be discouraged from contributing if they believe their 
> toonie is only one-billionth of LibreOffice's needs.  It is far more 
> encouraging knowing that your toonie is actually as much as 
> one-thirty-three-thousandth of LibreOffice's needs.  Perhaps a 
> correction could be made on the Web page? http://kwlug.org/node/815

Nobody believed two billion, did they?

Instead, I just figured if 100,000 people could contribute $1, or some
combination, and their current needs would be satisfied.

> Also, it was Oracle who didn't like LibreOffice participants in the 
> OpenOffice Community Council, and invited them to leave the project: 

>From what little I read some time ago, it was already my impression that
it was Oracle wasn't happy with LibreOffice and felt those participating in
both OpenOffice and LibreOffice had a conflict of interest, and Oracle's
interests were losing out. And that Oracle's interests weren't exactly
'FOSS.' (Else, why buy Sun, et al.)

And that / it was my impression that those passionate about the spirit of
FOSS / OpenOffice felt the same way, so felt they had to separate, and did,
and began LibreOffice.

Further, it was my impression that LibreOffice was in the process of
seeking world-wide 'ownership' of the 'name' LibreOffice so this StarOffice
/ OpenOffice / naming crap would never be an issue again. Thus when the
post to bump the queue came along, I thought it was all to do with that.
e.g. To register and hold the name in Germany would cost some number of
dollars, other countries not having a cost, etc., etc., yada, yada.

To your point, Bob, and given the phrasing of the nomination posting
(below), perhaps the nominator could explain?

Phrased as it is, I would not have voted to bump the queue.

> On 11-02-17 05:18 AM, webhost at kwlug.org wrote:
>> Greetings, mail-forum-merge.
>> These are your messages
>> New content of type Nominee has been submitted
>> - LibreOffice
>> The LibreOffice project (nee OpenOffice) is looking for 50,000 euros 
>> (or about 2 billion in Canadian dollars) so I propose that we help get 
>> this project started.
>> As you probably know, LibreOffice developers didn't like working for 
>> Oracle, and so they forked OpenOffice, with the intent to be better 
>> stronger faster and the rest of it.
>> They have a challenge to get their 50,000 euros with 33 days left in 
>> the challenge. http://challenge.documentfoundation.org/
>> Read more http://kwlug.org/node/815

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