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>> Subject: [kwlug-disc] Speech to text
>> Hello to you all
>> I have clients, doctors that need to find options.
>> They have all mentioned Dragon, and how they have not ha much luck with
>> it.
>> Please help me find some options.
>> Kiwi
> Is the issue due to the vocabulary the software recognises?
> Otherwise, if Dragon won't do it, then I think your clients are out of
> luck.  I know of no other product which does voice recognition better
> Dragon.  Now I will say that the equipment makes a *huge* difference. 
> improvements in accuracy (claimed by Nuance) over the years are
> due to the hardware Dragon runs on being much speedier.  Bottom line:
> faster the processor, and the more internal cache, the better.  This
> (ugh) that Intel Core-whatever processors probably have the advantage
> (though I run Dragon on my Phenom II X4 955 and it works very well) over
> AMD CPUs at this time.  The other issue is the microphone; a good mic
> sound card  really make a difference as well.  You do have options there
> too, but before I go on I will wait and see what you have to say about
> nature of the problems your clients are having.

Are there not voice to text apps / devices out there? e.g. (Smart) Phones
recording voice memos that get downloaded as text, or is it still aways
downloaded as an audio file, and something on the computer has to do the

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