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> Subject: [kwlug-disc] Speech to text
> Hello to you all
> I have clients, doctors that need to find options.
> They have all mentioned Dragon, and how they have not ha much luck with it.
> Please help me find some options.
> Kiwi
Is the issue due to the vocabulary the software recognises?

Otherwise, if Dragon won't do it, then I think your clients are out of luck.  I know of no other product which does voice recognition better than Dragon.  Now I will say that the equipment makes a *huge* difference.  The improvements in accuracy (claimed by Nuance) over the years are primarily due to the hardware Dragon runs on being much speedier.  Bottom line: the faster the processor, and the more internal cache, the better.  This means (ugh) that Intel Core-whatever processors probably have the advantage (though I run Dragon on my Phenom II X4 955 and it works very well) over AMD CPUs at this time.  The other issue is the microphone; a good mic and sound card  really make a difference as well.  You do have options there too, but before I go on I will wait and see what you have to say about the nature of the problems your clients are having. 		 	   		  
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