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I mentioned all of that in an earlier post; explaining VoIP.ms' features


On 2011-02-13, at 12:11, Raul Suarez <rarsa at yahoo.com> wrote:

> This one falls into the "I should have know this before!!!" category.
> You don't need an Asterisk server to use a DID !! (d'oh)
> I made my deposit and Ordered a DID with VoIP.ms. It all took 5 minutes online.
> (I paid through PayPal)
> I then explored the account management site and realized that I could connect my
> ATA directly to the DID, create extensions, voicemail, call queues, Call
> forwarding rules and even create my own IVR.
> This is, I am able to do what I was trying to do by self hosting an Asterisk
> server.
> Actually if you have an smart phone with a SoftPhone app, you don't even need an
> ATA. Just create the extension on the VoIP.ms server and configure your soft
> phone application.
> Of course this is the Linux User's Group so the bottom line is: You can get and
> use the VoIP line and then start playing with your Asterisk server without
> compromising the stability of your phone system.
> All for $0.99 cents per month + 1 cent per minute inbound, 0.5 cent per minute
> out. (less than a single cup of coffee). And by the way, calling between
> extensions doesn't cost.
> Something that I wasn't expecting, was total honesty. I read the Terms of
> service and they are very clear: "VoIP.ms does not pretend to offer 100%
> reliable service ... The customer shall not use this service as their sole call
> termination service".
> So, if you are planning to make this your ONLY phone line, you must be aware of
> the risk. If you have another line or a cellphone, then you should be OK.
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