[kwlug-disc] VoIP - Even without a server

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 12:10:37 EST 2011

This one falls into the "I should have know this before!!!" category.

You don't need an Asterisk server to use a DID !! (d'oh)

I made my deposit and Ordered a DID with VoIP.ms. It all took 5 minutes online. 
(I paid through PayPal)

I then explored the account management site and realized that I could connect my 
ATA directly to the DID, create extensions, voicemail, call queues, Call 
forwarding rules and even create my own IVR.

This is, I am able to do what I was trying to do by self hosting an Asterisk 
Actually if you have an smart phone with a SoftPhone app, you don't even need an 
ATA. Just create the extension on the VoIP.ms server and configure your soft 
phone application.

Of course this is the Linux User's Group so the bottom line is: You can get and 
use the VoIP line and then start playing with your Asterisk server without 
compromising the stability of your phone system.

All for $0.99 cents per month + 1 cent per minute inbound, 0.5 cent per minute 
out. (less than a single cup of coffee). And by the way, calling between 
extensions doesn't cost.

Something that I wasn't expecting, was total honesty. I read the Terms of 
service and they are very clear: "VoIP.ms does not pretend to offer 100% 
reliable service ... The customer shall not use this service as their sole call 
termination service".

So, if you are planning to make this your ONLY phone line, you must be aware of 
the risk. If you have another line or a cellphone, then you should be OK.
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