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Sat Feb 12 18:22:25 EST 2011

On Sat, 12 Feb 2011 16:34:29 -0500, Paul Nijjar <paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca>
> On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 04:28:06PM -0500, L.D. Paniak wrote:
>> Sounds a little like an Ontario Linux Fest presentation I was at once:
>> http://2008.onlinux.ca/node/274
> We should totally track that guy down and see whether he will help
> present at the KWLUG VoIP night.
> This presentation reminded me that the Working Centre has a few
> training labs that could be booked. But they only hold 16 computers
> each, which accommodates many fewer people than Glenn envisions.

Would this be suitable for workshop type presentations that Joe was asking
- even if more than (16 + NumLaptops) attended, people could huddle. Might
even be fun! Who can hack the presenter's slides first! Most amusing
(FreeBSD devil?)? Who can get their livecd asterisk system to call everyone
else's first? Funniest ring tone? Hack everyone else to call everyone else
simultaneously, and watch the CPU go up, memory go down, and the IVR get
slower and ...

Glenn's vision can't realistically be accomplished out of the box without
the aid of a magic wand - of which I'm all out, sorry. However, I can
easily see how the vision can be built to in stages. e.g. Based on comments
made thus far, John & Lori -> Raul -> Paul [refining audience pool
identification] -> [another layer here, beginning vendor integration] ->
Glenn's vision (aka kwonvoip(c./tm)

You heard it here first, folks - kwonvoip!
- visual, Penguin and KDE dragon on opposite sides of an old style
switchboard, wooden even.

With diligent work, I could easily see v0.0 accomplishable this fall.
Trialled at kwlug, this training room, SJK, successively.

We have the knowledge, the expertise, the experience, the people, the
sponsor, venue v0.0 - just nobody to spearhead things and pull it all
together into a coherent whole and herding the cats.

Unfortunately, however, I keep stumbling over the question ... Why?

I appreciate Glenn's point that to accomplish anything non-'trivial'
requires an ability for non-kwluggers to be able to walk out with a black
box / turnkey solution. However such as Glenn suggests is a LOT of work -
we've all seen the exhaustion in Richard and John over onlinux. There's a
reason why it didn't happen, last.

- keeping it from descending to the equivalent of a booth at the market
will be a challenge.

However, phrase it as a Working Centre effort to help the local community,
and I'm all in!

Not that I'm not in on Glenn's effort, only that I haven't yet reached a
satisfactory answer to "Why?" (should I put time in to be a mere extension
of a VoIP sales force.)

- just to stick a minor needle in Bell's heel? When it's our own fault (we
being the government) for letting the CRTC put us into / allowing the
situation in the first place? Not - I've enough on my plate that I'm not
getting to, already.

Especially when people can just by a Skype phone and get on with it -
given the home audience target thus far discussed. (Granted, it's not the
same, no Canadian DID's yet - but it probably would have solved Raul's
initial goal. If less elegantly, or interestingly. Let alone the Android
functionality gained ...)

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