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I would be pleased to help - but I'd like to clarify; my thoughts are to 
take this public and drive it out to the community. I'd like to see 
50-100 small businesses attend.

On 11/02/11 11:36 AM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 09:16:03AM -0500, John Van Ostrand wrote:
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>>> Given how prominent VOIP is in the community, and it's general
>>> reliance
>>> on linux, does the group think my previous idea of the LUG promoting
>>> VOIP publicly to be a good idea?
>> I do think that VoIP is something that can be daunting to those new
>> to it. There are lots of hardware configuration choices and software
>> configuration choices.
> The options here are: pick one approach and have people work through it
> together, or show the different options and support a diversity of
> people doing a diversity of things.
> As the most basic option, I have personally found that an ATA is the
> easiest concrete project. But this requires an ATA, which is expensive
> if you are dabbling.
> A cheaper alternative is to set up an Asterisk server on an old box
> with some softphones. If you have an old computer you can do this (and
> learn about system setup) basically for free while you see whether
> VoIP is for you.
> I have found that getting to the point where you can get a phone to
> ring has been a huge motivator for me.
>> I might participate if the time fit my schedule, but I'd prefer a
>> week night.
> Okay. Let's make this concrete:
> I think that some combination of hands-on workshop and introductory
> presentation could work well. I propose the following two week format:
> - Session A: overview of the technology and options (ATA, plug-in
>    cards, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk). We tell people what they need in order
>    to participate in the next session, and make arrangements to
>    rent/loan equipment as necessary. (Some of us have ATAs that could
>    be used for a day).
> - Session B: People come by with the equipment they want (ITSP
>    account, hardware they want to use, ...) and people work on getting
>    "hands-on" systems working.
> If this format is too much commitment then we could also do a
> single-night event. But then the users will necessarily be less
> prepared with equipment and ITSP accounts.
> I am open to having this happen at one of the Working Centre spaces.
> St John's Kitchen might be a good candidate, but I would need to
> figure out how to get SIP working reliably through our firewall(s).
> Uplink bandwidth with also be an issue -- SJK is using Bell.
> I also question whether we can have a lot of different VoIP setups
> running off the same Internet connection simultaneously.
> We have other buildings that could work as well. We are using VoIP in
> a building with a Yak connection, for example.
> Of course, other people have meeting spaces as well, and there is
> nothing saying that we have to use a Working Centre space. But the
> option is there.
> Wasn't there an Asterisk workshop a few years ago? How did that go?
> Where was that held?
> Who is interested in helping present a topic?
> Who is interested in being a "workshop buddy" who can help individual
> users get started?
> Who is interested in helping to organize this?
> - Paul

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