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Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 10 22:37:32 EST 2011

I'm not an expert. Actually I am noobie but I have been reading to make the jump 
any time now. Here is what I know

1) I went to the web sites for unlimitel and voip.ms and both have a page where 
you enter your phone number and it tells if it can be transfered from your 
current provider. Both of my lines can be transferred.

2) If your cordless phone is not locked to a provider (e.g. Vonage) then you may 
be able to use it.
If it does not work, you can buy an ATA (telephone adapter). I just bought the 
PAP2T from Canada Computers. It supports two extensions in one box. To set it up 
I entered 3 values: The server IP, the extension ID and the extension password. 
The quality is almost standard phone like. You can also get an ATA to connect to 
your existing phone wiring. (I don't know how many phones can be connected to a 
single PAP2T, Some other people can give you better advise on that.

If you have an Android phone or iPhone you can also configure it as an extension 
of your phone system. I've already configured both of my son's Androids and they 
can call home through WiFi at university or through a 3G data connection, just 
dialing an extension and once I get my lines, they will be able to call using 
the home phone line from wherever they are and not use cell minutes. 

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Given that it seems we have access to local (non KW) numbers with voip now, I'd 
like to ask the experts two questions wrt to moving my home phone from bell to 

1) should I be able to move my home phone number from Bell to a voip provider, 
if the voip provider offers numbers in my town?
2) I've got a cordless voip phone that I've never been able to get working.  So 
if that's not going to work what's the best way to merge my existing analog 
home  phones throughout the house with my voip computer?  Is there a magical box 
I can buy or something?


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