[kwlug-disc] Asterisk: Ekiga

unsolicited at swiz.ca unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Feb 6 10:08:31 EST 2011

On Sun, 06 Feb 2011 09:36:12 -0500, "Raul Suarez" <rarsa at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Can someone volunteer to help me test my Asterisk/Ekiga integration  
> configuration?
> Background:
> I've configured Asterisk to be able to send and receive calls from the  
> Ekiga.net network.
> - I can successfully call the Ekiga echo test (500 at ekiga.net)
> - I can receive calls from Ekiga into asterisk to be routed
> The "problem" I have is that I can only test with computers inside my  
> network which is not a fair test and it's giving me some problems:
> The internal extension can hear the call from the ekiga account
> The caller from the ekiga account cannot hear the internal extension
> I'm thinking it has to do with the firewall as both may be trying to use

> the same ports and that's why I need someone to help me test from the  
> outside.
> If this is something that seems interesting in such a snowy day, please 

> let me know and I can give you my phone # so we can coordinate.

Sorry, don't have the expertise to answer anything, but a question ...

Unless you're trying to test via an Ekiga (softphone?) calling into your
asterisk to test ... isn't it asterisk that registers with ekiga? Any
softphone you have, let alone all hardphones, should be registering with
your local asterisk. So internal calls would be ... internal. So in theory
it should never get out to Ekiga?

Don't you need a non-asterisk registered free sip tester account calling
ekiga or askterisk directly for your tests?

FWIW, when I tested this sort of thing, long ago (and never got anywhere
with it due to self-inertia), I used my cell to call a local number that
let me then call any voip address. I don't recall the number or network,
off-hand, but could dig it up if needed.

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