[kwlug-disc] Hitting Bell / Rogers where it hurts?

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Thu Feb 3 08:53:20 EST 2011

On 2011-02-03 08:26, Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
> Internet infrastructure is [ edit ] like hydro and water and the roads.

Roads? The 407 is the hands of private enterprise. So are the railways 
for that matter. The tracks that run through KW have been leased to the 
Goderich-Exteter Railway by CN. I believe that GEXR owns outright other 
sections of its tracks in the area. GEXR is a subsidiary of RailAmerica, 
a US based railway operator. IMO: The name GEXR has a 'nice' local touch 
and is used to mask the foreign ownership.

My point. Europe is moving away from the public PTT (Post Telephone 
Telegraph) model towards a private model. Canada's prairie provinces, 
too, moved (or are moving) away from their versions of the public PTT 
model. AGT (Alberta Government Telephone) morphed into Telus and the 
Manitoba Telephone System (MTS) was privatized into MTS Allstream. I do 
not know what is happening with SaskTel w.r.t privatization. Nor do I 
know what is happening in the Maritimes. Telcoms in BC has been 
privately held for a few decades. (Contrary to popular belief, Bell 
Canada is not a national monopoly as it is not the major carrier in all 
parts of Canada.)

IMO: We will not see nationalization of the internet infrastructure in 
whole or it part anytime soon. But we should not relax in our efforts to 
lobby for fair billing - whatever that may be.


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