[kwlug-disc] UBB Discussion, look at Cogeco

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Tue Feb 1 13:54:26 EST 2011

I don't recall the monthly charges.  But I was an early adopter of Atria 
in Kitchener, back before they were Atria.  I paid $10K to have them dig 
up a street and haul fibre in.  bandwidth was hideous at the time.  In 
fact, they quoted me 700G for a couple hundred IIRC.  But guess what, 
700G?  that's not 700gigs.  That's 700GigaBITS.  Closer to 70gigs.  I 
paid obscene overage charges.  Was unhappy with the quality of the 
traffic.  And their policies and procedures were right out of a revenue 
canada guideline book - not surprising for what is basically a gov't run 

That's a less than flattering review.  Perhaps they've changed.

However - perhaps there is possibility yet.  I know there's actually an 
Atria connection across the street from the gym in New Hamburg.  And the 
building is actually owned by a local electrical company.  Perhaps they 
could be convinced to put up a tower and start the process off.

FWIW, there's actually already 'free' wireless internet in downtown New 
Hamburg.  For those that know the area, Focus Computers has a tower on 
top of their building that covers the downtown. I think they give out 
free wireless for an hour or two.

On 01/02/11 01:44 PM, Colin Mackay wrote:
> 25k?  Wow.  Well, if I win on my scratch ticket here, I'll get right 
> on that. ;)
> What was the monthly cost of traffic for the fiber?

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