[kwlug-disc] UBB Discussion, look at Cogeco

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Tue Feb 1 11:49:15 EST 2011

On 11-02-01 11:08 AM, Kyle Spaans wrote:
> http://crtc.gc.ca/public/8740/2010/b2/1478217.zip
> Inside, there are doc files, read the "Tariff Pages" one, and look at the bottom
> of page 3. I can post this to a shared Google Document if you don't like .docx
> :)

Ah, this is good information.. I would love to know how the cap was 
increased from $22 to $60 without anyone taking notice of the rather 
large change.  I still think TekkSavv's policies are way overboard 
however.   Note that they don't offer a cap unless you agree to pre-pay 
the $55 "insurance".. but whether or not those plans work for you is 
something that needs to be thought of carefully.
> Also, just browse to Bell's DSL prices and features:
> http://www.bell.ca/shopping/en_CA_ON.Bell-Internet-Performance/DSLTIPONNewMassNCOPF10.details#tabCont1-tabs
> It should clearly show 25GB cap, and $5 for 40GB of "insurance". I can't
> find how much they are charging for every GB over the limit though.

The prices that Bell offers to Sympatico customers does not necessitate 
that those would be the same as they charge as Tarrif to ISP's, but to 
answer those questions, for Bell Sympatico Internet:

You can add 120GB on the plan for $15 per month that would be Usage 
insurance plan.
you will be charged maximum of $60 for the overage up to 300GB
once you cross 300GB you will be charged $1/Gb per month.

I really wish, when the idea of UBB was becoming reality, some sanity 
would have entered the discussion and UBB rates would have been evenly 
applied, (ex: .10/GB or some such)

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