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Cedric Puddy cedric at thinkers.org
Thu Dec 8 16:49:32 EST 2011

As one of the kwartzlab.ca members that does provide internet, I just provide standard business and residential DSL.

I certainly have knowledge of various fibre options, but have never installed them in someones home (if fibre isn't already installed to the premise, then you can be looking at $2,000 and up just to have it come from the road to the demarc in the building, as Atria pricing went).  Minimum price for 5 Mbps symmetrical is about $500/month (granted, you get ~2 or 3 ms latency, and the signalling rate is 100 or 155 Mbps, so you can do far, far more with it than you can with a DSL line).

Atria is the local fibre plant (Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo), and is now been purchased by Rogers Business Services.  Their pricing and sales model hasn't changed yet, that I've noticed, but it probably will.

If you are serious about better bandwidth above all else, then consider moving out of town -- move into a house/apartment that's got Wightman Telecom Fibre (I have a business client in Mount Forest that is paying $125/month for Fibre, delivering 20 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up, at ~ 3-5 ms latency to other backbone sites.)

Bell Fibe is begin talked about, but I don't know where they are rolling that out currently; I haven't noticed anything in town.

I mentioned latency above, in a couple places -- latency is super important.  Think of a satellite downlink -- easily able to hit 100 Mbps, but it's got a latency of ~4000 ms.  Likewise, your average DSL line might be at 6 or 7 Mbps, but with a latency of 40-100 ms, it's pretty slow when it comes to bouncing stuff back and forth, which is why a 5 Mbps, low latency, fibre line can blow a DSL line out of the water in terms of usefulness.   The other thing is the signalling rate of the line -- a fibre line signalling at 100, 155 Mbit/sec or 1 Gbit/sec takes far less time to actually transmit a packet (one the rate limiting algorithm releases the packet to be sent) which in turn results in a much slicker experience.

I'd happily have fibre in my own house, but there is no way I can cost justify it, so I've got my regular DSL.  I've got client sides that have 1 Gbit, or 30 Mbps, or 20 Mbps fibre connections, and they are indeed a great place to grab and ISO or two at.


On 2011-12-08, at 4:30 PM, Kyle Spaans wrote:

> 2011/12/8 L.D. Paniak <ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com>:
>> Sounds like you have done some homework on the Roger's 50+2 option.
> Interesting! I've never heard of that, I'll have to look into it.
>> I was curious about throttling/cap rules on this kind of pipe.  Any info
>> on that?  Also, are these numbers juiced with the "SpeedBoost" aka
>> LatencyKiller and otherwise pretty plain?
> I find it laughable that they only provide 2Mbit up for a 50Mbit down
> connection. I can't say anything else about the connection quality
> however.
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